SEB International


SEB's services for international companies

SEB is proud to have played a part in helping many clients in our home markets to become more successful. It is true to say that over the years, as our clients have grown so have we – and it's one of the main reasons that you'll find an SEB presence in the world's major financial centres.

We have offices in St Petersburg, Warsaw, Kiev, Luxembourg, London, New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Delhi. We also have a dedicated team focusing on providing risk and tax efficient financing solutions to our corporate clients' subsidiaries in emerging markets, as well as dealing with banks in developing markets.

Being an SEB client means that wherever your business is growing, you have local access to our focused professionals who can help you with whatever challenges you face as you develop new markets. This obviously means financing solutions, but it also includes a helping hand with issues such as local regulations, payments and clearing as well as advising and resolving day-to-day challenges.

SEB has had an international presence in some markets for many years, whilst other offices have opened due to our clients' growing needs, for example Shanghai in 2005, New Delhi in 2008 and Hong Kong in 2011. At all our locations, clients enjoy the close, value-added relationship that comes with working with SEB and the reassurance of dealing with a bank that they can trust.