In good times. And bad.

The COVID crisis has deeply affected health, businesses, and society as a whole. Probably to a greater extent than anyone could ever imagine.

In more than 160 years we've stood firmly by our customers' side. In good times. And bad. Over the past months, we've been in close contact with a lot of our customers. We've helped them through our support and advice, but more importantly by providing them solutions to make it through.

We'd like to dedicate this film to everyone who's fighting to get through these tough times.

This film was created at a time when all film production abruptly came to a halt. Directors Nataniel Ericsson and Gustav Johansson at Newland, enlisted film photographers in Sweden and Denmark to help contribute shots to the film.

”We will help our customers”

"As a bank we have a great societal responsibility and must make sure that the customers who need it get support, help and strength to weather the storm we are facing," comments Johan Torgeby, SEB's president and CEO.

Committed to stand by you

The key to SEB's ability to build rewarding, long-term relationships lies within our client teams. Understanding you is our first priority.