Thought leadership

Being part of an industrial context

SEB enjoys a truly unique client base with a high concentration of large international corporates, financial institutions and banks – all with highly sophisticated needs.

Working with such a client base has given us a wealth of experience in collaborating with some of the most advanced clients globally. At SEB, we have always believed that it is important to share this expertise as our clients can learn from each other, improving many aspects of their businesses in the process. It's why we often bring clients together for focused discussions and knowledge sharing during, round-table discussions, seminars or one to one meetings, to examine and analyse the issues of the day – whether they be in transactions, cash management, trade finance, custody, currencies, futures or even on wider economic issues.

As you'd expect, SEB is a leading voice on issues in the Nordics and Baltics, but also has an opinion on how to best manage the many technical challenges of the wider European market.

In addition to taking a thought leadership on issues within trade media, SEB is also extremely active at the world's major finance conferences.