China Financial Index: Surprisingly optimistic results

Source: SEB in Shanghai. The colored stacks are the most recent results. Grey stacks show results in March 2016 and September 2015, respectively. 

China Financial Index reveals surprisingly optimistic results 

Despite rather bad news about regulations and an alarming debt, SEB's Corporate customers are still optimistic about Chinas market potential. According to the latest China Financial Index results, Nordic and German corporations with subsidiaries in China are indicating higher expected sales, profit and hiring for the coming six months, whereas new investment plans remain flat. 

On the other hand, corporations are facing additional challenges. The survey results indicate that competition is one of the increasing concerns amongst companies, since the Chinese economy is gradually developing towards a more service-oriented economy. 

For detailed survey results, download the full report. 

About the survey

This is the sixteenth edition of SEB's China Financial Index, a unique semi-annual survey. The purpose is to mirror changes in expectations among Nordic and German companies in China, in order to facilitate understanding of economic and financial development in the country. The survey was carried out between August 29 and September 11 2016 and includes a total of 13 questions related to business climate, investment plans, recruitment plans and views on currencies. An index level over 50 signals overall positive sentiment.