Three focus areas

Service leadership

SEB’s focus will be on customer journeys using digital solutions and support in order to create a leading customer experience in all segments. This includes offering personalised advice and transforming the first line of service to digital solutions and portals so that customers can choose where and in what manner they want to be served.

To achieve the leading position regarding customer experience in all targeted customer segments.


SEB aims to provide omni-channel connectivity by developing customised advisory tools and interfaces based on digital customer intelligence. SEB will also digitise and automate internal processes in order to improve efficiency.

To provide a complete remote offering and that a majority of transactions are digital.

Next generation competences

SEB’s vision will lead to a gradual competence shift broadening the role for client executives and also develop capabilities in service design, data analytics and IT developments. SEB will continue to ensure that the right talents are attracted and provide the right training to existing employees in line with SEB’s people strategy. 

To be the most attractive employer.