Macro environment

Customers’ high expectations for accessibility as well as insightful and user-friendly services lead to changed demands on the bank.

The rapid digital transformation and regulatory requirements present both opportunities and threats.  World economic growth remains fragile despite massive central bank support and falling commodity prices.

Uncertainty remains

The world economy remains frail and the economic development is generally weak and uncertain with deflationary
fears. Central banks continue to provide liquidity and some operate with negative interest rates. Low energy prices provides support for the world economy, but is challenging for some countries and companies.

Evolving customer behaviour

Digitisation changing the playing field

New technologies are enabling new market participants, often start-up companies, for instance within payment facilitation – so called FinTechs. With their focus on the front-end of banking they are showing strong capabilities in customer interaction and have an ability to deliver solutions swiftly and efficiently. On the other hand, they seldom deliver full universal banking services. 

Banks can capitalise on their main advantages – trust, access to the customers and data. They can also partner up with FinTechs and other banks to invest in common infrastructures and enhanced customer services. 

Going forward, automated collection of information, analysis and proactive actions will increasingly be used for more tailored services to improve the customer’s experience.