Group strategy

During the year, SEB focused on a long-term road map for the bank, Vision 2025. This was used as a starting point for the future strategy as well as the bank’s vision and purpose – what sets SEB apart. 

The three strategic priorities reflect the bank’s view of its direction in a longer perspective and the three focus areas are key to realising the business plan for 2016–2018. The strategic ambition is to achieve true customer centricity in a digitised world aiming to be the undisputed leading Nordic bank for corporations and institutions and the top universal bank in Sweden and the Baltic countries.

The targeted result from a successful pursuit of the strategy and business plan is reflected in the Board of Directors’ financial targets – Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio, return on equity and dividend. 


To deliver world-class service to our customers.


We believe that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key to creating a better world. We are here to enable them to achieve their aspirations and succeed through good times and bad.