Investment Management

Full Year
SEK m20182017
Net interest income50950
Net fee and commission income2,3931,845
Net financial income1,0261,005
Net other income91452
Total operating income4,0183,350
Staff costs-4,982-4,958
Other expenses3,1783,613
Depreciation of assets-549-742
Total operating expenses-2,353-2,087
Profit before credit losses etc1,6651,263
Gains less losses from assets-21
Net expected credit losses25
Net credit losses04
Operating profit before Items affecting comparability1,6891,268
Items affecting comparability4,506-1,896
Operating profit6,195-628
Cost/Income ratio0.590.62
Business equity, SEK bn
Return on equity after tax, %

Net interest income-2214125643225896-92-212
Net fee and commission income744594531523619402431392
Net financial income31836331529162165120558
Net other income-1276-649171140135105
Total operating income8311,0751,0381,0751,110803593843
Staff costs-1,075-1,284-1,352-1,271-1,253-1,157-1,307-1,241
Other expenses974780694730857876959920
Depreciation of assets-141-136-136-135-181-276-145-140
Total operating expenses-243-640-795-675-577-556-493-461
Profit before credit losses etc588435243400533248100382
Gains less losses from assets-2012-2
Net expected credit losses634-15
Net credit losses112
Operating profit before Items affecting comparability586441277385534250102382
Items affecting comparability4,506-1,896.222
Operating profit5864414,783385-1,362250102382
Cost/Income ratio0.290.600.770.630.520.690.830.55
Business equity, SEK bn
Return on business equity, per cent