EFL Futures Limited

EFL Futures Limited (‘‘EFL’’) has been a registered Futures Commission Merchant since 2004. It is a wholly owned subsidiary within the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) (“SEB”) group.

SEB is a publicly owned banking and financial services conglomerate with its corporate base in Sweden. SEB conducts operations in the futures markets throughout Europe and beyond through its SEB Futures business, which is part of, and located within, SEB London Branch (the “Branch”).

SEB Futures offers its clients the ability to enter into transactions on the US futures markets, and does so through the medium of EFL, which was incorporated as a private limited company in the UK for this sole purpose – as a result, all SEB Futures clients have a relationship with, and a consequent financial exposure to, the Branch, which enters into transactions on the US futures markets on their behalf through EFL.

Pursuant to CFTC Regulation 1.55(o)(1), EFL is required to make certain financial information publicly available on its website.

The links on this page direct you to the following financial information:

  • EFL’s Daily Statements of Segregation Requirements and Funds in Segregation for customers trading on U.S. Exchanges for its most recent 12-month period;
  • Summary schedules of EFL’s adjusted net capital, net capital, and excess net capital, all computed in accordance with §1.17 of the Regulation and reflecting balances as of the month-end for its 12 most recent months (see CFTC Form 1-FR-FCM – Monthly);
  • The Statement of Financial Condition, the Statement of Segregation Requirements and Funds in Segregation for Customers Trading on U.S. Exchanges, and all related footnotes to this Schedule, taken from EFL’s most current certified annual report pursuant to §1.16 of the Regulation; and
  • The Statement of Segregation Requirements and Funds in Segregation for Customers Trading on U.S. Exchanges taken from EFL’s unaudited Form 1-FR-FCM report provided to the CFTC for its most current 12-month period (see CFTC Form 1-FR-FCM – Monthly).

Additional financial information on EFL, including how it invests and holds customer funds, can be obtained from the National Futures Association’s website.

You may also find of interest the CFTC webpage which provides financial information on all FCMs, including EFL.

EFL Disclosure Document

Pursuant to CFTC Regulation 1.55(k), EFL is required to provide certain disclosures to a new customer prior to the time it first enters into an account agreement or deposits money or securities with EFL. The purpose, therefore, of the EFL Specific Disclosure Document is to highlight these disclosures – which includes, among other things, information on EFL’s Principals, business, memberships, type of customers, material risks, overview of customer segregation, filing a complaint and policy on selecting depositories.


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