SEB’s Developer Portal is now in closed BETA

At SEB our Open Banking journey continues. Open Banking is going to change the banking world as we know it as new technologies, customer expectations and regulations level the playing field of digital services. So let's shape the future of financial services and the banking ecosystem together!

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Those of you who have sign up for early access can now try it out!

Our first APIs

Payment Initiation

The Payment Initiation API allows your customers to make simple and seamless payments from your app or service.


The Accounts API allows your customers to view their account information from your app or service.

Why we care

We believe that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key in creating a better world.
We also believe that creating future banking through collaboration is the best way forward.

This is why we dedicate ourselves to providing world class APIs.

Let us help you in achieving your aspirations and to build and grow your business.

We care for ambition.