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"My goal is to become a Technical Expert"

Sofia Kempas

Thanks to SEB's Tech-programme, the web developer Sofia Kempas has an extensive network within the organisation.

Sofia Kempas initial thought was that she would work in a small company after her studies and was a bit sceptical towards SEB as a big organisation when she first came there for an interview for the Tech-programme. Upon arriving at the bank, she immediately felt she had found the right place for her.

Most of the people I talked to during the day had worked at SEB for several years and I saw that as an indication that SEB was a good employer. The combination of a lot of competent people, great chances to develop and learn new things, made me feel like this is where I want to be.

Describe the first day on the Tech-programme

– The first day is, as always, a bit nervous and overwhelming, but everyone was friendly and welcoming which gave me a very positive feeling. The colleagues really took their time to explain things to you and they wanted you to be a part of what was going on.

How is the programme structured?

– The Tech programme runs for 6 months where you work 50 percent, (in my case as a web developer), and the remaining 50 percent you get to work with different projects, take part in educations and visit other parts of the bank. A fun part of the programme was the business case where we got to work with a real problem and come up with a solution. That was very enriching. We also got to improve our soft skills that are good to have throughout your career, like leadership, coaching and presenting in front of people.

You also got to be a mentor. Tell us about that.

– To take part in a reverse mentorship-programme is a part of the programme, which means that you become a mentor to another participant´s manager. Together you set the bar for how often you want to meet and what you want do discuss. I've had a very good exchange with my adept, who is working with Pension & Insurance at the bank. Our discussions are always fruitful and we still get together for a walk & talk about every now and then, it's always a pleasure.

Why would you recommend others to apply for SEB's Tech-programme?

– The programme is structured to guarantee that you will grow as a person at the same time as it gives you an overview of what the bank can offer you. Since you work so close with the other participants, you get friends for life. I haven't just met colleagues from the IT-department but from many different parts of the bank, which has led to after working at SEB for just one year, I have an extensive network of contacts within the bank.

About Sofia Kempas

Title: Web developer

Education: Data Science, Stockholm University, graduate of 2018.

What are your expectations for the future?: "There is no limit for how long you can go and you'll have great support for self-development. In the future my goal is to become a technical expert"