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Olof Holmberg
Olof Holmberg

The application period for this year’s Investment Banking programme opened on September 1. Former intern Olof Holmberg, who today works an analyst in Corporate Finance, reflects on his experiences.

What inspired you to apply for SEB’s Investment Banking (IB) internship programme?

During the first years of my studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology I was mainly aiming for a profession in technology or management consulting. But  then I landed a part-time job at a bank and that opened my eyes to the financial sector. When the time came to apply for an internship, a number of IPOs were being conducted in Sweden – like now – and my interest was drawn towards investment banking and corporate finance as career paths.

What mainly attracted me was the opportunity to work in a challenging environment in which I could learn a lot and deepen my knowledge about company valuations and about how mergers, acquisitions, and ECM transactions are conducted. I also thought it would be exciting to work with transactions that attracted a lot of media attention. SEB stood out as the foremost actor in investment banking, so it was only natural to apply for its IB internship programme.

What was most fun and most challenging about the programme?

I got to jump into various projects from day one – for example, during my internship I got to participate in the conclusion of a company acquisition and participated in another major transaction. The work pace was high at times, but at the same time very rewarding since I learned so incredibly much in just a few weeks. Plus, I felt like I was quickly included in the team since there were several other juniors in our department.

Why would you recommend others to apply?

I recommend anyone to apply who is ready to take on a challenge and who is interested in the financial sector, company valuations, modelling and transactions. Plus there’s a great team spirit at SEB. I think that getting along with your colleagues is most important of all an environment with a fast pace of work. That’s also one of the main reasons why I accepted a full-time position at SEB. I’ve now worked as an analyst in Corporate Finance since 2019 and have had the opportunity since then to develop and specialise along the way, most recently in TMT (technology, media and telecom) sector. I enjoy it a lot and I’m very happy about my decision!

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Olof Holmberg

  • Born and raised in Stockholm
  • Studied industrial economics in the civil engineering programme at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, with focus on production
  • Likes running, meeting friends, and traveling
  • 'Buddy' to one of the current participants in the IB programme