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"SEB maximizes my potential"

Mirelle Sandström

At SEB, the step between Stockholm and Luxembourg is shorter than you can imagine. “A coaching leadership and a focus on development is the key to success”, says Mirelle Sandström.

We met Mirelle, when she was on her way to our branch in Luxembourg to start a new job as Business Advisor.

“But right now I'm here, and it's absolutely wonderful too”, says Mirelle and looks around on the roof terrace at SEB's new building in Solna, Stockholm, where she has worked as a Business Analyst for SEB's corporate and private customers since she finished SEB's Trainee program.

Tell us about your time at SEB and why it is so right for you!

”SEB has had a special place in my heart ever since my first contact with the banking world, which was when I, as a 16-year-old, got a bank account for the money I earned from various extra jobs. At SEB, I was met with respect and treated just like any customer, despite my age and modest sums. It meant a lot to me and when it was time for me to start working alongside my studies in economics and business administration, SEB was the obvious choice. When I later had the opportunity to attend the trainee program, I was able to use my previous experiences while learning many new things.

"SEB's corporate culture is open and psyched about development"

So, Mirelle left her job in Stockholm for a new job in Luxembourg. She explains that the new work as Business Advisor is to a large extent about developing SEB's operations and business, supporting strategies and at the same time acting as a link between Sweden and Luxembourg.

I am humble to the challenge, but I feel confident in the task. SEB has a fantastic leadership philosophy that is based on maximizing everyone's potential. I am ambitious and driven, but not even I myself have dared to believe in myself to the same extent as SEB has.

What challenges have you faced and how have you tackled them?

“I face challenges every day and enjoy it. For me, there is no other way to work - no matter what I am faced with, I want to find the ultimate solution and learn everything I can in the meantime. I am passionate about communication and during my trainee period I understood how important it is with good communication.

Then we talked about communication, different personality types and the need to adapt the communication so that it works for everyone. I became very interested and have been encouraged to continue working with this alongside to my regular duties. I think that is an important part of why I like it so much at SEB - the corporate culture is open and psyched about development.

What are your thoughts about the future?

A lot of exciting things are happening. Especially for me personally considering my new job in a completely new country, but also for SEB. Thanks to good communication, we develop and get closer to each other – regardless of age, competence and personality. This collaboration is a must considering the challenges we face, for example in our digital landscape, which is a large part of our present, but above all our future. The rapid digital development is noticeable in every single part of the organization. We're talking about SEB being a large IT company, and that's really true. Wherever you are in the company, you are part of SEB's digital journey. So many exciting things will happen in the future!

About Mirelle Sandström

Titel: Business Advisor.

Education: Double bachelor's degree in business administration and economics, Stockholm University, graduated in 2015.

What film character would you like to have as a mentor?: “Pippi Longstocking – the strongest girl in the world. She has no preconceived notions, is open, innovative, challenging and is not afraid to think outside the box."

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