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The Tech programme opens many doors

Fredrik Bergman and Amelia Lindroth
Fredrik Bergman and Amelia Lindroth

Earlier in March, this year’s SEB Tech Programme draw to an end. Amelia Lindroth and Fredrik Bergman are two of the participants who share their experiences.

Amelia Lindroth has an MSc in Engineering Physics from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Fredrik Bergman has an MSc in Industrial Economics from Lund University.

They both joined the Tech programme, which lasts for six months, in September 2021.

“I had never worked with IT before and was keen on trying something new. The programme really exceeded my expectations, it was very professional, well thought out and planned from start to finish," says Fredrik.

Fredrik and Amelia describe how the Tech programme has opened many doors and that you gain a good foundation in both SEB as an organisation and working life itself.

Amelia says the most important thing she has taken from the programme is her strengthened self-confidence.

“The programme has given me personal development due to all the coaching and strategies for development from SEB but also through meeting other employees and participants in the bank's other trainee programme. Thanks to the programme, I am more confident in my place at the bank, in my role, in my team and in myself.”

Fredrik agrees about personal development and adds that they were allowed to do things during the programme that they might not have done in another workplace, everything from participating in a leadership training with external partners, taking on a real business challenge, to recording a podcast.

They both feel that the programme has given them a larger contact area within the bank – more people to talk to and contact. They now see opportunities in a totally different way and that it is just to reach for them if you want to.

In the immediate future, a new position is waiting for Fredrik – from business analyst to sub-project lead, something he is really looking forward to. In the near future, Fredrik hopes to be able to rotate to a different department in order to try something new.

Amelia will transfer to Data Scientist full-time where she will have more responsibility and be more involved in the team which she feels is exciting.

Both Amelia and Fredrik want to emphasise is how much fun the programme has been.

“The people – employees and other trainees we met are absolutely the best thing about the programme. We have acquired so many contacts,” says Fredrik.

“I have noticed that I am taking the fun part of the programme to my team. The enthusiasm and humour – we have fun in our team,” Amelia concludes.

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About Amelia and Fredrik

Amelia Lindroth

  • Works as a Data Scientist
  • Has a degree in Engineering Physics and a Master’s in Applied and Computational Mathematics from KTH
  • Grew up in Stockholm, enjoys travel and creating things

Fredrik Bergman

  • Works as sub-project lead
  • Has a degree in Industrial Economics and a Master’s in Financial Engineering and Risk Management from Lund University
  • Grew up in Stockholm, likes all sports, is a bookworm and enjoys travel