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This is SEB Innovation lab

SEB’s Innovation lab functions as an internal innovation agency. The lab works both with development of innovative business solutions together with major customers and internally with facilitating hackathons and idea sprints within the bank. Enabling innovation is about working creatively in a structured manner.

Explorations with customers and partners often involve understanding changed customer needs at several levels, how processes can be automated and solutions integrated with each other in new ways. Today a lot of this relates to the shift from selling products to selling services, where the end user pays for the value of the service, and together finding metrics and payment solutions for these. One example is Robot as a service, which has been developed with Husqvarna where the end user instead of buying a robot lawn mower pays per square metre of cut grass.

Internal innovation work often starts with an initiative from a bank employee. Innovation lab brings together internal IT skills, business expertise and other specialists. Sometimes this takes the form of a hackathon or a design sprint, but often in a specially designed process, in order to develop the idea or solve the problem. The idea is that the more different perspectives and experiences are brought together, the greater the chance of success. It is in this cross-border collaboration, and not infrequently after a friction-filled start, that the great ideas are born.