Talent and personal skills are lifted and encouraged

SEB offer a creative working climate with freedom and trust.

SEB care for ambition, both their customers’ and their employees’. Per Georgzén, Responsible for sustainability at SEB Life & Pension, describes a workplace full of opportunities.

What do you appreciate the most at SEB?

- It's great meeting customers and to provide help and inspiration, of course, but I am also very pleased with all my other tasks. I get all the backing I need for my own initiatives and it feels like working as an entrepreneur in a big company. SEB has confidence in me and my ability, which makes me grow fast and in the right direction. Something that also helps me is the possibility of further education, for example, I recently attended our development programme “Växthuset”. Our fantastic new premises in the Arena City of Stockholm are also something I really appreciate. I really enjoy working at SEB and I have never had “Monday depression” but I always look forward to going to work on Mondays!

Describe a normal day at work!

- It varies a lot since my area of responsibility is very wide. A good start of the day, if I have time, is to screen the market a bit to see what is going on and what has happened since yesterday. Then I will take on what is on the agenda. Sometimes there are very short deadlines, and then I will handle it or I will work on long-term projects to integrate sustainability into our core business. I also have many divisional and cross-border tasks, and some travel is required both in Sweden and also to other countries.

Can you tell me about the leadership at SEB?

- Our leaders are coaches and skilled at lifting talent and personal skills. I like that we are constantly challenged to reach further and there is a nice feedback culture that is both professional and generous.

What would you have advised yourself when you were new at SEB?

- To dare more! To get outside the comfort zone and see if you can handle it. Realize that it's okay to fail sometimes. When I started working I was not fully comfortable with giving speeches or presentations, but it is something that I have learnt and gotten used to and now I actually like it.