Tailored Trainee Adventure at SEB

Gustav Sjöholm is a true networker, which is a quality that has been very useful during his trainee year at SEB. In addition to a unique understanding of the financial industry and SEB's different business areas, he also made friends for life.

When Gustav Sjöholm joined SEB's International Trainee Program he had a double-degree in Finance & Economics and experience of being au pair in London, exchange student in Shanghai, accountant assistant in Stockholm and advisor to Swedish export companies in Oslo and Sydney. In August 2016 he finished his trainee year.

Can you describe SEB's trainee program?

- As a trainee at SEB you design parts of the program together with your assigned tutor to make sure you get a good mix of education and training. You are recruited for a specific position at a home department and participate in common training weeks together with the other trainees. On top of that, it is up to you to plan study visits and training in other areas of the bank that interest you. My home department was within Group Finance and I also visited other finance functions in SEB to gain a broad understanding.

Some highlights from the program

- One of the highlights was my training period at the Treasury department and in the SEB Way team, our internal consulting organization. One of the advantages of being a trainee is the large network you accumulate. During my year I had the opportunity to meet with private advisors, client executives and parts of the executive management, and we also visited SEB's offices in Frankfurt, Oslo, Vilnius and Helsinki. One of my personal goals for the year was to have lunch with 100 colleagues to learn more about their work. It turned out to be many meetings. When summing up how many colleagues me and the other trainees have shaken hands with this year, the result was approximately 1000 each!

What unites your trainee colleagues except for being good at networking?

- We come from different countries with different backgrounds but with an open mindset, a strong drive and at the same time with a humble attitude. During the trainee year, we were constantly exposed to new situations and to meeting lots of people, we were drilled in team exercises and hence developed a strong cohesion and team spirit. I am sure we will be friends for life.

What does your near future look like?

- I've recently stepped out of the trainee role in Group Finance and did actually take up a new position as Analyst for SEB:s Private Economist in Sweden. In my team we are working from a household perspective to see how political and economic change affects the economy of household and the general public. I am also responsible for the bank's runners' section with about 500 members, a fantastic opportunity to network also when meeting colleagues sharing my passion for running.