Passionate SEB Trainee with Digitization in Focus

Martina didn't plan for a future in the financial sector, but when she met SEB "it clicked"! 

She recently finished her trainee year and is now working as an agile change leader and she really enjoys working with the IT organization's architects, interface developers and strategists. Martina and her colleagues have a key role in SEB's digital transformation that is needed in the changing banking landscape.

Can you describe your journey in the bank?

- I started as a trainee in September 2016 and finished the program a year later. As a trainee in SEB you are recruited for a specific position at a home unit and during the trainee year you participate in common training weeks together with the other trainees. You get to know the whole bank and you can design parts of the program together with your assigned tutor to make sure you get a good mix of education and training. There are great opportunities to plan study visits and training in other areas of the bank that interest you. For me, a common thread through my trainee year has been digitization and what it means for SEB going forward. I have for example met colleagues working with client analysis, software development, and internet and mobile banking. In the program you spend one month abroad and I worked at SEB's offices in Luxembourg.

In your opinion, what is the advantage starting as a trainee in SEB?

- You are able to build a very large network at several departments, business areas and even get to know the top management in SEB. SEB has a long tradition of running a trainee program and it is well known in the organization which makes it very easy to get help as a trainee. I was met with open arms from day one. Also it is a good start if you are not quite sure in which business area you want to work in, in the future, since you get to see all areas of the bank during the trainee year. The trainee role I was recruited to turned out to suit me perfectly so I continue working with agile change initiatives and being the bridge between the business and IT.

What made you choose SEB?

- SEB was not the obvious choice. But during my last year at university, I joined a classmate for a recruitment event arranged by SEB, and I had the fortune to end up next to a representative from HR. She urged me to apply since she thought I would fit in well within SEB's culture.

And so you did!

- Yes, and during the recruitment process, I became more and more confident that SEB was the right employer for me. It just clicked. I can be myself here and I get to work with colleagues who are equally social, driven and passionate. I really enjoy going to work every day!