Passion for Technology is Encouraged at SEB

Patrik Eriksson did not think about working at a bank - until a Facebook invitation to an evening event at SEB gave him second thoughts.

Patrik Eriksson, Solution Coordinator and a former trainee, thrives in his workplace where technology, international relations and a fast pace make him look forward to every new working day.

What have you brought from your time as a trainee to your current role?

– The traineeship gave me a good understanding of SEB and all the different functions while at the same time giving me an opportunity to find my place in work life. Today, I can focus on what I'm best at instead of trying to find myself in my new role. I am confident that I have full backing, that SEB has confidence in me and that I have support from all directions.

Was it obvious for you to apply to SEB?

– Absolutely not. Being a technology guy, I was absolutely convinced that I would work as a consultant in a cool IT company. It was via a Facebook invitation for an evening event that I got in contact with SEB. Actually, I did not think SEB would like to have me, but quite quickly I realized it was just me they wanted!

SEB has confidence in me and I have support from all directions.

What challenges have you met and how did you handle them?

– Since I had never previously thought about banking or finance as a possible workplace, it was mainly about understanding how a bank works and what an important role in society it has. During the trainee programme, I visited and worked in, for example, Kuala Lumpur, Frankfurt, Singapore and Helsinki, where I experienced both similarities and differences in working ways and culture.

Is SEB the kind of workplace you expected?

– I was a bit prejudiced and was worried that it would be a slow pace because of the size of SEB, and frankly, I did not have very high expectations on the technology, neither when it comes to resources nor colleagues. I'm glad I was completely wrong. My colleagues are as often engineers or programmers as economists. In addition, the tempo is very fast and often we have the most up to date technology. SEB constantly works with improvements instead of just following and this inspires me!