Martina Myrenberg

Why did you apply to SEB's Trainee Programme and your specific home department?

I was recommended to apply for the program by a family friend that is an employee at SEB. He e-mailed me the link to the trainee site at where I could read all about the trainee programme. I found the set up of the programme very attractive from different perspectives. First of all, I liked that it was an international programme. The month abroad and the international trainees all contributed to getting a real international perspective on the banking industry as well as my own work. Also, I have always been interested in how it would be working in another country and I’ve now gotten a taste of it during the year. Second, I found the ‘on-the-job training’ to be a good part of the programme. As a first job I was eager to learn how all the theoretical things I’ve been studying worked in practice. And finally, I liked that the programme encouraged me to visit other departments, especially the once I found interesting. This resulted in me finding many different places in the bank where I could see myself working.

As a marketing student I hadn’t really thought of working at a bank before, but when I was reading the job description for my position I found all the things I wanted from a job. I can say that it was mostly the job description that made me apply for the position in the sales organisation at Trygg Liv since I had no knowledge about the division before I applied.

Why do you think you were selected for the Trainee Programme?

My home department is at the sales department at Trygg Liv. Here it is important to be market oriented, be questioning and be customer focused. I think that I was able to convey that I am interested and good in these areas. I didn’t know anything about pensions and life insurances but I feel that it was secondary to personality and will. I have afterwards heard managers say that personality is more important than what you know, because you can learn facts and figures but you can’t learn a personality. I also think I was able to convey that I’m very curious and never backs down from a challenge which I think my boss liked.

How did you feel about the recruitment process?

It was a long and thorough process that lasted a few months. It started with a phone interview which I felt was a bit intimidating. I was asked a lot of questions and I couldn’t help but feel that I hadn’t done enough to go through. But I did, so the next step was the Open house with an English test, a logical test and a presentation. There we met our future boss, a HR representative and a recruitment specialist. It was nice that former trainees and our future boss were there during most of the day so that we could ask questions and just have a chat to ease the nerves. Next step was a personality test and a meeting with the recruitment specialist. I liked the set up because you could explain and discuss the result and you got hints on what to think about in your career. The final step was an interview with my future boss. Even thought I find the process being long I felt that I got a chance to show who I am, which was very good.

Describe a day at work!

It is hard to describe a typical day because everyday is very different. I mostly work with different projects and they make me do all sorts of things. But a day could, amongst many things, include me going to meetings, hold meetings, making presentations, work on the structure of our extranet, and decide on communication actions. My work has me in the middle between product development and sales. Therefore, a lot of time during my day consists of me talking to people in different parts of the organization. My position has never existed before which makes my role quite scattered right now. I also am alone in my position which gives me great responsibility and the right to form my role myself. Since I like talking to people and finding solutions this job suits me perfectly.