Mark Vistoft Sørensen

Why did you apply to SEB's Trainee Programme and your specific home department?

The programme is tailored to new graduates, which is what first caught my interest. And contrary to many other job announcements, what I saw in SEBs International Trainee Programme (and in SEB) was the promise of a career with long term potential. There was a very clear cut focus on professional and personal development and an opportunity to grow in an international organisation.

I applied to a sales unit, which is the ideal place for me to be. I have a degree in marketing and communications, and as such I didn’t think I would end up in a bank; however, when I read about the department (SEB Kort) I quickly realised that there are many options within the organisation. I wasn’t cut out to be in Merchant Banking or Wealth Management, but I’m confident that SEB would help me move to one of these departments if I want to go in that direction in the future.

Why do you think you were selected for the Trainee Programme?

The programme is meant for future managers, and I believe that one of the main reasons why I was selected was because I showed management potential. SEB only chooses people with a certain drive for the Trainee Programme, and I’m certain that this is why I got picked – they could see that I wanted to go somewhere and make a career where I would keep on challenging myself…and the organisation.

How did you feel about the recruitment process?

The recruitment process was very extensive and thorough which, to me, was very positive. I felt as if SEB really put an effort into finding the right candidate and that they took the programme seriously. We (the candidates) went through many stages, but at no time did it feel as a waste of time. It seemed to me as if they were truly putting an effort into finding a candidate with the right management potential.

Describe a day at work!

There is really no “standard” day at work, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.

My colleagues and I always begin the day discussing the status on current affairs – business strategy, new opportunities for business development, legislation etc., but we also put an effort into arranging work shops with both internal and external partners in order to find new ways to optimise our business.

There are days where I spend a lot of time fiddling around with small tasks that need to be done or do research on new possibilities for marketing our products. At other times I’m negotiating with partners and discussing how to make sure both parties gain from the partnership.

As mentioned, I am in a sales unit, and being a sales unit the main objectives are to manage relationships with current clients, find new clients and figure out new ways to market our products. Finding new ways to market our products means to both come up with new possibilities for distribution and developing new product features that make our products more attractive to the customer.

The great thing about my position is that there is a great opportunity for participating in many different projects and taking on different responsibilities.