At SEB we have a great team spirit where everyone works towards the same goal

Andrea Fenel, Digital Sales Manager, had never been able to guess that her search for the perfect trainee programme would lead her to SEB - and a network for life.

The search started at an early stage. Andrea Fenel was looking for a company sharing her values - sustainability and equality - combined with high ambitions and good development opportunities. Already at SEB's assessment days for the trainee programme, Andrea immediately knew that she had found the right one.

How did you experience your time as a trainee at SEB?

– SEB's trainee programme has a very good structure and setup. The recruitment process was logical and thorough, which made me feel confident that both I and SEB had made the right choice. The programme meant a unique opportunity to meet exciting people and I have made a network for life. I had high expectations but still it turned out better than I had expected. The education weeks were extremely rewarding, and then to quickly be able to transform the new skills into practice gave a good overview and insight into the work at SEB. For example, I worked in the Baltics on evaluating digital channels in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. This was a great and instructive way to get an understanding of SEB's international organisation.

The programme meant a unique opportunity to meet exciting people and I have made a network for life.

What did you expect from SEB as a workplace and did it turn out to be what you had imagined?

– Before I started, I was a little worried that SEB would be a stiff and rather strict workplace, but I was wrong. It's a very nice inclusive atmosphere where it is easy to be yourself. I am passionate about digital media, for example social media, and I feel that my niched skills are really needed and appreciated. We have a great team spirit, where everyone works towards the same goal, delivering the best possible service to our customers, simply a world-class service.

What challenges have you met and how did you handle them?

– I think my challenges are mostly to do with my own attitude. In school there is "right and wrong" in another way than it does in a workplace. Here it is about finding solutions together, sometimes even by making mistakes. The development has never been as fast as it is now and therefore it does not work to be afraid of making mistakes but instead to dare taking those extra steps.