Petra Barkeby - inspiring IT manager and soccer coach

At SEB, 15,000 employees gather daily to, in different ways, contribute to a positive force in society trough what we do and help our customers achieve. We see them all as ambitious talents and in this article, you'll get to meet one of them. Petra Barkeby; humble and energising IT manager during the day, engaged and focused soccer coach during the evenings.

Tell us about your journey at SEB.

I started at SEB 2.5 years ago but I have worked with IT in the financial industry my entire career. The reason for starting at SEB was that I knew it was a good employer with possibilities for personal growth and that SEB truly puts its customers in the centre, which is important to me. I am heading up a department of developers, testers and system operators who, together with the business, drive the development of systems used to trade currencies and shares. The department has operational responsibility of the systems and need to be able to mobilize quickly if something happens. If a system would shut down, we could lose large amounts of money in a very short time. Hence, we always need to be on our toes, which is both exciting and fun.

How does a normal work day look for you?

Normally I have some sort of strategy meeting with the leadership team or meetings with my group managers and employees to make sure everything is running smoothly. I try to meet the business often so we keep a good dialogue and have full understanding of their needs.  I also spend a lot of time preparing upcoming presentations and meetings and like to make some space for a work-out or floor ball together with my department . Most days I have a clear plan of what I am going to do, but it always changes and I have to prioritise differently. That is the charm with my work!

What's the best with your work?

It is all the competent and friendly colleagues. They are so professional and at the same time they always have close to laughter making it to a fantastic work environment. I really like being a manager and a great driving force for me is to be involved and influence the business, inspire employees and create conditions for them to grow.  I am so proud of my team; partly because of what they deliver but also that we are in forefront when it comes to new techniques and modern ways of working. I like the pulse and that you never know how a day will develop.

What do you do when you're not working?

As a mother to small children, family and friends are my biggest interest. I am also into sports and love to ski, play golf and run. I am currently coaching my daughter's soccer team consisting of 28 girls, which gives lots of energy. It is amazing to see how quickly they move from being beginners to understanding the game. It requires focus and I get use of my leadership skills as it is not easy to keep track of a bunch of eight-years!

What's your favourite app?

I have recently started running and Runkeeper has become a favourite. I am doing it mostly to feel better, but I have to admit that the app is making me rather competitive and I become very happy when I beat my personal best.


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