“My job is to ensure that our customers information is protected”

What drives cybercriminals? What are their methods and goals? Questions like these make Ulf Larsson, Group Chief Security Architect at SEB Technology, go to work in the morning. In recent years, he has seen a clear trend in that cyberattacks not only occurs more often; they also create more damage compared to earlier.

– Cybercrimes are organised in a completely different way and have completely different assets and expertise today. Therefore, we need to understand how we at SEB shall prevent, detect and respond to malicious behaviour and attacks to our business, he says.

All companies are targets, he explains, and we need to prepare for all kind of attacks. From single attackers with no specific target, to well organized cyber criminals, to advanced persistent threats and nation-state sponsored cybercrimes.

How does SEB work to prevent attacks?

– Within SEB we have many employees and colleagues that are highly skilled within various disciplines in cybersecurity. We although always must pro-actively work on improving our security to keep up with the threatening landscape, Ulf Larsson says.

An essential part of the work is to gather and interpret information about potential threats, a concept named Threat Intelligence within the bank. The purpose is to be able to understand a potential attacker and their methods to be able to take the right pre-emptive measures.

– We regularly test our position with internal and external means to counteract different types of attacks. Our work is regularly monitored, where we measure other areas. The most critical factor is competence and motivation - that we continue to build our Security Culture throughout our organisation.