Employee Stories

Sara, Abtin, Olivia, Amir and Kadri are five of our talented employees. Look at the videos an hear them talk about why they decided to start working at SEB and what they think about their future in SEB. Take also the opportunity to meet some more amazing employees: Amina, Maryam, Adnan, Andrea and Raphael. 

The culture here is what makes the work great!

This is Amina who works within the division Corporate and Private Customers with development of the savings products and digital sales.

I began my career as a consultant and had a pretty good idea what SEB was like before I started working here. I felt that SEB had a really good work environment with professional and engaged people and an international setting.

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Sara - Why SEB?

If I would describe SEB with one word, it would be: fun!

This is Maryam and she works at SEB card as a product manager. She is responsible for developing SEBs product portfolio as well as to follow the market and what our competitors are doing.

I started working at SEB trough the international trainee program since a dream of mine is to work in an international environment. 

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Abtin - How would you describe the culture at SEB?

You get a lot of responsibility

Adnan works with Assets sales within Fixed Income and Derivate and has been within SEB for seven years. He came across SEB by coincidence when he was a student and heard about a program in SEB called the Aspirant program.

During my time in SEB I have had the opportunity to try several different roles. I have worked both as a manager and a specialist.

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Olivia - Hear her talk about SEB's trainee program

I made friends for life

Andrea Fenel works as a Digital Growth Manager at SEB Card and has recently finished SEB’s trainee program.

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Amir - How did you get your job at SEB?

Here I would like to work!

Raphael works in the division Business Support. 

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Kadri - Why did you join SEB?