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Quantitative Equities Team

Our quantitative equities team employs sophisticated, modern methods and flexible models to systematically compile and analyse data. One of the main advantages of quantitative management is its ability to analyse vast amounts of date and use the analysis to create well-diversified portfolios.

Three core values

Our method of quantitative management focuses on three core values that have a proven historical track record. We look for high quality companies with controlled risk that we can invest in at attractive valuations.

Investment process

The management team sifts through the large amount of data, looking at specific parameters such as company size, valuations or sustainability.  The team systematically selects the top-ranked companies within each parameter. Diversification and risk awareness are essential elements in the composition of a portfolio. The teams use the same structured, objective and systematic process for all our funds, adapting the selection criteria according to the various requirements of the local markets.

Our investment process is based on well-established investment theory. Additionally, it is supported by statistical and economic analysis, fundamental equity insights and economic science. We are meticulous in every detail of the investment process.

SEB Investment Management AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB. The fund company was formed May 19, 1978, with headquarters in Stockholm and organization number 556197-3719.