Investment philosophy

Active ownership through strategic initiatives and operational efficiencies

Our investment philosophy is based on our long and extensive experience and a strong track record of investing locally and globally in a wide range of different companies and industries. We aim to grow alongside our investments and have a long-term industrial perspective with the ambition that each company reaches its full potential.

As active owners, we work closely both with our co-shareholders and the management teams of the companies we invest in. Together, we establish a value creation plan with clearly defined goals and strategies. The key part of the value creation plan is to develop our portfolio companies both operationally and strategically by partnering with entrepreneurs and managers.

Responsible investments

We are one of the largest institutional investors in the Nordics, investing in companies world-wide on behalf of private, corporate and institutional clients. Acting responsibly as an owner is an essential part of our client mandate. It is therefore important that our portfolio companies handle the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact associated with their businesses. We are convinced that companies that actively manage the ESG aspects of their business are better positioned to reduce risk and maximise opportunities.

We have implemented an ESG process following the whole investment cycle. This is included in our investment approach and philosophy, starting with the initial investing process (buy well), throughout our ownership period (add value to the asset), to the exit process (sell well). We include ESG in the screening phase of new investment opportunities, identifying no-go areas as part of our due diligence. When we invest in companies, the outcome of the ESG due diligence is integrated into a clear agenda for how to improve the company from an ESG perspective over the 3-5 years holding period. Our firm belief is that value creation through operational and strategic improvements drive outsized returns over time. Integrating ESG aspects forms an integral part of this.