Valuing our people

SEB strives to be a workplace that attracts and retains people who want to grow and develop, and who are committed to supporting our customers to reach their goals. We provide scope for development and want our people to feel valued, included and engaged. 

The banking sector is undergoing fundamental change. Customer and stakeholder expectations, new technology and the regulatory framework will continue to transform our business. This makes it increasingly important to attract and develop employees with the right competences and values.

Working at SEB means both individual commitment and being part of a team. Employees, who are encouraged, challenged and who take responsibility for their personal development, will grow and contribute to the long-term success of our business. In order to create an effective organisation, SEB focuses on developing leaders as well as building and strengthening teams along with cross-collaboration. 

Core values

Our four core values – customers first, commitment, collaboration and simplicity –permeate our business and our culture. They form the basis for how we behave towards each other and how we want our customers, partners and other stakeholders perceive us. Read more about our core values.

Open dialogue

SEB puts great emphasis on the annual employee survey, Insight, in which we measure employee engagement, effectiveness and confidence, among other things. The results from the 2015 Insight show strong improvement on all of these points. Job satisfaction is high, as is confidence in the Bank’s future. 89 per cent (86) of respondents said they are satisfied with SEB as a workplace, and the two main indices “Employee Engagement” and “Performance Excellence”, rose to 79 per cent (75) and 80 per cent (78), respectively – both above average for the financial industry.

Among the improvement areas were effective systems and processes for supporting customers, stronger internal cooperation, and clearer development paths within the Bank. In open meetings and with supporting tools for dialogue and collaboration, managers and employees in all divisions and countries have worked with the survey results based on their respective strengths and weaknesses. 

Development and learning

We believe that people constantly want to develop, feel valued and included. We also know that an important prerequisite for attracting the most engaged and best employees is to offer opportunities for development. This is of utmost importance for our ability as a bank to meet changes and our stakeholders’ future needs. 

Continuous learning through day-to-day activities is a key prerequisite for our ability to effectively and smoothly adapt to new circumstances, such as new customer expectations or changing demands from regulators and lawmakers. To facilitate learning, modern methods and effective tools are used, such as short films, interactive presentations and web-based trainings.

SEB has developed its own internal campus, from 2016, on a digital platform, and thereby easily accessible for all employees.

Leadership programmes

SEB has a long tradition of working with leadership development. In a world characterised by continuous change and challenging business environments, managers are becoming subject to ever-higher demands. They shall inspire, serve as models and create conditions for employees and teams to develop our business in the best way possible. This is critical for generating sustainable results – for us as well as for our customers. By offering global development programmes we make it possible for employees to build necessary leadership qualities and develop both personally and as team members. 

SEB also puts great emphasis on strengthening collaborations both within and between teams and units, and in this way creating added value for our customers. We are working to constantly adapt to changing conditions and to use our resources in the right way in order to refine our approach in the organisation.

A key success factor for SEB is to recruit talent. The bank has long been considered one of the most attractive employers in Sweden, as in the Baltics. Learn more about career opportunities in the SEB.

Diversity in focus

SEB's goal is to offer our people equal opportunities to develop individually, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or religion. We strive for a gender balance at every level within the organisation and to increase the proportion of employees with foreign backgrounds. We believe that true diversity, mixed backgrounds and experiences, increase creativity, the ability to solve problems better and contribute to better decisions. Thereby, it benefits our customers as well as social development in society in general. 

We are working actively with increasing the number of women in senior operational positions and in senior leadership roles, both in terms of structure and process, as well as targeted initiatives. In 2015, 44 per cent (43) of SEB’s managers were women. Among senior managers the level was 27 per cent (25). 

A sound workplace

A safe and sound work environment combined with a perception of good health and work life balance form the foundation for our employees’ performance and job satisfaction. Health and work environment are closely linked to each other and are important components in the Bank’s business plan. SEB’s health strategy focuses on preventive measures rather than on taking action after an employee’s ability has been diminished as a result of an illness. 

We strive to inspire, motivate and raise the knowledge of our managers and employees about the significance of lifestyle and the work environment for individuals, the company and society. The Bank’s health strategy is based on the latest research findings and on recommendations from SEB’s health science council.

Sick-leave rates, both short-term and long-term, remain low in SEB Sweden, in spite of a general increase in society. The total sick-leave rate in Sweden during 2015 was 2.8 per cent, which is low compared to other industries, and lowest among banks.

Workplace flexibility

SEB offers flexible working locations and working schedules for employees when appropriate. This means that the manager and the employee shall agree on the most appropriate solution. Additionally, all citizens in Sweden, when having children up to 8 years old, have the right to work part-time up to 75% of full-time. In Sweden, up until the child’s first 18 months, SEB also pays parental pay beyond what the government does. 

Responsible conversion

SEB is constantly working to improve efficiency. If redundancies occur, we strive to, in cooperation with the unions, manage them responsibly and to support employees who may need to find new challenges.

Whenever possible, SEB tries to offer jobs in other parts of the company to match the needs of the individuals who are open to new opportunities. If employees do not find a new job within SEB, the ambition always is to coach and support the individual to find as a good solution as possible.