Corporate citizenship

As a bank, we are an integrated part of society. We want to share our knowledge and engagement, and contribute to empowering people. We support local communities and share both time and money, working with carefully chosen partners. 

At SEB, we engage for future generations. We focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, financial literacy and social inclusion. 


Ever since SEB was founded 160 years ago, we have supported entrepreneurs, many of them growing their businesses into large corporates. We believe that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key to creating a better world.

SEB has national and local partnerships at various levels, from inspiring young people in high school, supporting companies in a growth phase to highlighting experienced entrepreneurs as role models. 

Our partnerships include established organisations such as Junior Achievement in Sweden (Ung Företagsamhet) and the Baltics, Nyföretagarcentrum, IFS, Entrepreneur of the Year and Settler of the Year. In Sweden, SEB is a national partner to Venture Cup, the leading contest for those wanting to develop their business idea into a successful business concept. 

Baltic engagement

We have a wide range of activities towards entrepreneurs also in all three Baltic countries. Some of the examples include the Estonian project, "Brain Hunt" that aims to find innovative and environmentally friendly innovations. In Lithuania, SEB partners with the magazine "BznStart" in the project "240 Minutes of Charge" for existing and future businesses ready for challenges. Examples in Latvia include the "Contest of ideas", the TV broadcast for start-ups "Company's secret" and the award for developing companies "Gazelle", in cooperation with Daily business.

Financial literacy

As a bank, we see the need for sharing our knowledge with all groups in society. Thereby, we can empower people to make more informed financial decisions and contribute to better functioning societies. As an example, SEB organised a Financial Literacy Road Show across the Baltics with the aim to educate youths to deal with their private finances and to inspire them for the future.

During 2016, SEB have started cooperation with the youth platform and the initiative We Change, a broad sustainability initiative for high school students. The initiative is based on a study, done by the company in 2016, about young people’s approach to sustainable development. The study shows that 75 percent of Sweden’s youths feel a responsibility to take part in improving the world.

SEB will use this platform to share our financial expertise in order to increase financial literacy.

Social inclusion

Through a number of partnerships, SEB aims to support equal opportunities and contribute to social inclusion.

Since 1997, SEB has partnered with Mentor, a foundation focusing on drug prevention among youth, aiming to create relationships and build trust between young people and adults. Employees in Sweden and the Baltics, are involved as mentors. Through Mentor, our employees are given the opportunity to contribute to society, while developing themselves and their own leadership.

Music and learning

Since 2005, SEB supports the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in Stockholm and Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Our partnership also includes support for the school orchestra concept El Sistema. This worldwide movement started in Venezuela in 1975 by conductor José Antonio Abreu. El Sistema is now spread all over the world, including Sweden, and has proven to be a successful method, not only to train young musicians, but also to combat exclusion and drug abuse. El Sistema also promotes good leadership and entrepreneurship. 

SEB and the Stockholm Concert Hall have also developed Konserthuset Play, a web portal with recorded concerts with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and educational films about music instruments for children and youths. The aim is to make the concerts more accessible and inspire to music and learning. 

SEB is not allied to any political parties. We do not provide financial support to any political parties, nor do we make any other type of political donation.