Access to financial services

Access to finance and banking services are crucial for economic growth. By sharing our specialist knowledge, we empower people to make more informed financial decisions and contribute to better functioning societies. 

Improving financial literacy

It is important that we use our products and services as well as our international network and our core competencies to provide high quality and easily accessible financial services. 

Our experts produce several reports every year and involve in activities where they meet and interact with the general public. Examples include chats on public web sites, Twitter, educational YouTube-films or through our blog portal Green Room. 

In Sweden and the Baltics, our experts produce several reports every year within areas like macro, investment and house hold economy. Since long, SEB’s experts and reports are mostly respected. Our macro-economic expert Chief Economist Robert Bergqvist is one of the most quoted persons in Swedish media.

Boosting confidence

We engage in various networks, e.g. Like Your Finances, that conducts educational projects in personal finance for different target groups like employees, pensioners, ­­students and immigrants. The aim is to increase consumer personal financial skills and boost the personal financial confidence. In November 2015, around 90 teachers and school managers gathered at SEB to discuss youth’s attitude to finance. 

In 2015, SEB organized a Financial Literacy Road Show across the Baltics with the aim to educate youths to deal with their private finances and to inspire them for the future. 213 employees visited 190 schools and met around 5,500 youths. SEB also developed the documentary drama “Tomorrow came yesterday” in the Baltics, about the changes we might experience over the next 30 years by translating future scenarios into clear and everyday life situations. Around 290,000 people watched the drama.

SEB Life and Pension in Estonia launched a “plain language project” where they created new contract terms and conditions which are both legally viable and easy to understand. The project promotes both financial literacy and increased transparency.


We use our tools and services and our core competencies to provide greater access to financial services. Our ambition is that all banking services that we provide in our digital platforms and branch offices should be adapted and accessible to all individuals with their different needs and abilities. Basically all our branch offices are suitable for disabled persons and SEB’s telephone customer service is open 24 hours a day, all year.

In Sweden, personal customer service is available in 25 languages. Our apps have the support of so-called “Voice over” and “Dynamic Type” to enable listening to information and to change the font size. We offer our security tool Digipass adjusted for customers that are visually impaired to facilitate banking services via the Internet, the telephone bank and the self-service Bank by Phone.

To complement our branch offices and customer visits, SEB's telephone banks are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. This service is available for both private customers and business customers. In Sweden, personal customer service is available in more than 20 languages.

Social media presence

Our expanded social media presence provides additional contacts with customers. We currently offer customer service via Facebook and Twitter in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia and via Facebook in Lithuania where it also is possible to access contact centre via Skype free on charge – much appreciated by clients calling from abroad. Self-service network zones have also been expanded.