Our priorities

SEB’s sustainability strategy is focused on eight business priorities within three areas of responsibility. By focusing our efforts on these priorities we can contribute to better banking governance and protection of the environment, while enhancing our social contribution.

Here are our ambitions three to five years within each priority:

Responsible selling and advising
Top customer loyalty. Facilitate customers’ own control and understanding of their financial situation. Ensure quality advice based on long-term needs. 

Tackling financial crime
Increase utilisation of existing data in order to prevent, detect and respond to fraud.

Responsible investments
Ensure that we perform our ownership role responsibly. Be the leading Nordic supplier within responsible investments.

Sustainable finance
Drive change towards a sustainable society in partnership with our customers. Increase share of positive impact financing with initial focus on climate. Support entrepreneurship.

Reducing our footprint
Continue managing our direct environmental impact. Be resource effective; reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Increase focus on sustainability in relations with suppliers and other business partners.

Valuing our people
Be the most attractive employer with a top number of engaged employees and leaders who inspire and drive change. Increased diversity as a basis for innovation

Investing in communities
Continue to engage for future generations. Support youth and entrepreneurs through active partnerships.  

Access to financial services
Improve accessibility of our banking services, using new technology and innovation. Sharing our expertise to customers and the broader community.