Our priorities

SEB’s sustainability strategy is focused on priorities within three areas of responsibility. By focusing our efforts on these priorities we can contribute to better banking governance and protection of the environment, while enhancing our social contribution.

Here are our ambitions three to five years within each priority:

Selling and advising

Facilitate customers’ own control and understanding of their financial situation. Ensure quality advice based on long-term needs and taking into consideration environmental, social and governance aspects.

Our ambition: Leading position in our customer segments. Strengthen the sustainable profile of our customer offering and guidance. Strengthen engagement and offering to entrepreneurs. 

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Cyber security and crime prevention 

Ensure cyber security, covering information security and customer integrity. Take actions to prevent money laundering, fraud and financing of criminal activity.

Our ambition: Meeting threats by prioritising technical protection and raising awareness among employees and customers. 

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Ensure responsible investment decisions by integrating environmental, social and governance aspects into the decision process. Perform the ownership role responsibly.

Our ambition: Be the leading Nordic supplier of sustainable investments with a comprehensive and competitive offering. ESG fully integrated in investment process in all asset classes. 

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Together with SEB’s customers, reducing the risk for negative social and environmental impact related to SEB’s finance activities. Increase the positive contribution by offering sustainable finance products and services.

Our ambition: Increase share of positive impact financing and positively impact clients’ sustainability focus. Expand sustainable offering. Grow green loan portfolio, according to framework, to at least SEK 20 billion by 2020. 

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Direct impact: Manage SEB’s direct environmental impact with the ambition to reduce the negative footprint. 

Our ambition: Be resource effective; reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions with 20 per cent by 2020. 

Indirect impact: Manage SEB’s indirect environmental impact, linked to our services to customers and our cooperation with suppliers.

Our ambition: Increase the positive impact and reduce the negative. Measure portfolio footprint and set targets. Manage the carbon and water footprint of key sectors and portfolios.

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Our people

Be a sound and inclusive workplace, attract and retain the right people that promote SEB’s values, and adapt the organisation for future needs. Provide opportunities for professional and personal growth and development opportunities for all. 

Our ambition: Be the most attractive employer in the financial sector with a top number of engaged employees. Increase diversity. Raise level of competence in sustainability among employees. 

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Corporate citizenship

Continue to engage for future generations and enhance financial literacy. 

Our ambition: Provide opportunities for SEB’s employees to contribute to society in the areas of entrepreneurship, social inclusion and financial literacy. Improve measures for evaluating impact.

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