Our people

SEB strives to be a workplace that attracts and retains people who want to grow and develop, and who are committed to supporting our customers to reach their goals. We provide scope for development and want our people to feel valued, included and engaged. 

The banking sector is undergoing fundamental change. Customer and stakeholder expectations, new technology and the regulatory framework will continue to transform our business. This makes it increasingly important to attract and develop employees with the right competences and values.

Working at SEB means both individual commitment and being part of a team. Employees, who are encouraged, challenged and who take responsibility for their personal development, will grow and contribute to the long-term success of our business. In order to create an effective organisation, SEB focuses on developing leaders as well as building and strengthening teams along with cross-collaboration. 

Values and motivation

Our four core values – customers first, commitment, collaboration and simplicity –permeate our business and our culture. They form the basis for how we behave towards each other and how we want our customers, partners and other stakeholders perceive us. Read more about our core values.

The annual employee survey, Insight, shows that the bank’s vision inspires and motivates employees, that employees like their jobs, and that they feel involved in decisions that affect them. The results from the 2018 Insight show improvement within most areas. The level of Performance excellence (efficiency and confidence) continued to be strong for the sixth consecutive year to 82 (81). Also Employee Engagement remained high, 79 (77).

Inclusion and diversity 

SEB's goal is to offer our people equal opportunities to develop individually, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or religion. We believe that true diversity, mixed backgrounds and experiences, increase creativity, the ability to solve problems better and contribute to better decisions. Thereby, it benefits our customers as well as social development in society in general. 

In 2018 we increased our focus on inclusion and diversity. SEB’s first Inclusion and Diversity Policy was adopted by the Board. A governance structure was established, which includes a steering group with members from the Group Executive Committee and divisional management, as well as an appointed Chief Inclusion & Diversity officer. Moreover, an Inclusion and Diversity Index was created and integrated into SEB’s employee survey. Read the policy here.  In 2018, 45 per cent (47) of SEB’s managers were women. Among senior managers the level was 34 per cent (31). 

In addition to emphasis on gender, age, professional background and geographical provenance, special attention has been put on issues concerning sexual harassments where processes for raising concerns are established. Unethical or unlawful behaviours can be reported via both external and internal whistleblowing channels.

Learning for innovation

Continuous learning is an important prerequisite for the ability to adapt to new circumstances. The Bank has a wide range of programmes that are visible through a digital platform that provides an overview of the entire range. Focus is put on innovation and new ways of working, and many hundreds of courses are offered in categories such as IT, project management, languages, finance, sales, leadership, sustainability and communication. Several methods and tools are offered to facilitate learning.


In a world characterised by continuous change and challenging business environments, managers are becoming subject to ever-higher demands. SEB’s leadership philosophy aims to equip managers to lead in a complex and rapidly changing world. An important role for leaders involves building secure teams, which requires an ability for empathetic listening. Focus is on driving change, promoting innovation and ensuring that the corporate culture reflects the bank’s values,  purpose and vision. Learn more about career opportunities in the SEB.

A sound workplace

A safe and sound work environment combined with a perception of good health and work life balance form the foundation for our employees’ performance and job satisfaction. SEB’s health strategy focuses on preventive measures rather than on taking action after an employee’s ability has been diminished as a result of an illness. The strategy is based on the latest research findings and on recommendations from SEB’s health science council.

Sick-leave rates, both short-term and long-term, remain low in SEB Sweden, in spite of a general increase in society. The total sick-leave rate in Sweden during 2018 was 2.87 (2.86) per cent, which is low compared to other industries.