Our material issues

Materiality is about identifying the issues that are of most concern to our stakeholders as well as to our own business. They are issues that SEB needs to address and manage in order to create long-term value for our stakeholders and for realising SEB’s strategy. 

SEB’s process on identifying the most material issues is based on an on-going engagement with our stakeholders in combination with our own assessment of issues that are of strategic importance for our business.

Issues identified are evaluated from both a stakeholder perspective and how they influence with SEB's ability to create and sustain value on a three to five year perspective. This input forms our strategic approach and guides our focus for reporting.

In line with our strategic direction on the base of risk management and financial strength and resilience, the most important issues are:

  • provide fulfilling customer experience and good service
  • maintain high standards of business ethics and cyber security
  • contribute to a society characterised by innovation and resource efficiency.

For SEB that means that our capacity for innovation and our ability to use digitalisation to achieve great service and efficient processes, to develop talents and competences as well as to integrate sustainability into investments and financings all are crucial for our future success.

Although many issues remain material over time, we have identified a few issues that have become more important during 2016. For example, data protection – cyber security – and increasing regulations and their impact on responsible and proactive advice have become more important to stakeholders. Sustainability profiled products and services have increased in significance for the business.

See SEB's Our material issues 2017.