Social inclusion

Through a number of partnerships, SEB aims to support equal opportunities and contribute to social inclusion.

Since 1997, SEB has partnered with Mentor, a foundation focusing on drug prevention among youth, aiming to create relationships and build trust between young people and adults. Employees in Sweden and the Baltics, are involved as mentors. Through Mentor, our employees are given the opportunity to contribute to society, while developing themselves and their own leadership.


Inkludera is a non-governmental organisation with the goal to enable as many people as possible to participate in and contribute to Swedish society. The aim is to give individuals that risk exclusion the right motivation, power and tools to counteract a possible exclusion.

To achieve this, Inkludera Invest supports entrepreneurs who develop solutions to social problems and exclusion. The support does not consist of money, but of time and expertise. Social entrepreneurs get help from people with long experience from business, in order to reach out with their solutions.