Financial literacy

As a bank, we see the need for sharing our knowledge with all groups in society. Thereby, we can empower people to make more informed financial decisions and contribute to better functioning societies. 

SEB collaborates with the youth platform and the initiative We Change, which is Sweden's largest sustainability initiative for young people. The aim is to inspire and include young people in community development and to strengthen them in finding solutions that help achieve the global goals, (SDG) and to steer the course towards a more sustainable society.

SEB participated during the 2018 tour in several places in Sweden, among other things with a workshop aimed at explaining how financial knowledge can be a tool for reducing inequalities in Sweden and the world. The feedback from the 170 young people who responded to the survey was very positive.

Another example is the Financial Literacy Road Show that SEB organised across the Baltics with the aim to educate youths to deal with their private finances and to inspire them for the future.