Entrepreneurship & Innovation

We are obviously keen on having successful customers in the future, but our engagement with entrepreneurship goes much deeper than that. We say in our mission statement: it's through our customers' success that we contribute to a society that can grow and flourish.

We support entrepreneurship, from the start-up to the entrepreneurial elite, and with accolades including Ung Företagsamhet (Young Entrepreneur) and Entrepreneur of the Year.

In cooperation with the University of Tartu in Estonia, SEB has created the Vega Fund. The fund helps support skilled students with innovative ideas – both in early and late stages of entrepreneurial development – that show particular promise for business development and enterprise.

Our entrepreneurial staircase:

Ung Företagsamhet (Junior Achievement Sweden)

Junior Achievement (JA) is a non-profit and impartial training organisation dedicated to working together with schools to integrate entrepreneurship and an engaged business sector with the educational system. Junior Achievement gives children and young people opportunities to train and develop their creativity and enterprising spirit through hands-on entrepreneurial projects.

Read more at ungforetagsamhet.se (In Swedish)

Prins Daniels Fellowship & Entreprenörsprogram

Prins Daniels Fellowship & Entreprenörsprogram ("The Prince Daniel Fellowship & Entrepreneurship Programme") aims to inspire young people to entrepreneurship and to support young entrepreneurs. By presenting good models and engaging secondary school, college and university students in a dialogue, the goal is to make a long-term contribution to a culture that promotes entrepreneurship. To support young entrepreneurs who have made some progress, a mentorship programme has also been developed. Aspiring small business owners who are accepted to the programme gain access to a mentor with long experience and help in developing their contact networks and companies.

Read more at iva.se/prins-daniels-fellowship (In Swedish)

Venture Cup

Venture Cup is Sweden's premier competition for people seeking to develop their business ideas and start a company. The competition is arranged by a non-profit organisation and is conducted in partnership with Sweden's colleges and universities. Every year SEK 1.8 million is paid out in grants to business ideas and entrepreneurs as a means of contributing to sustainable growth in Sweden. Since its conception in 1998 some 13,000 business ideas and 27,000 entrepreneurs have participated in the event.

Read more at venturecup.se

Business Challenge

Business Challenge is targeted at candidates aged 18 to 35 years who plan to start a company or have recently started one and need help getting started or further developing it. Through Business Challenge, young entrepreneurs have an opportunity to get feedback on their business models from some of Sweden's foremost company leaders, experts, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs while competing for custom-tailored business development programmes, competence development and capital for their companies.

Read more at businesschallenge.se (In Swedish)


Nyföretagarcentrum (Enterprise Agencies) comprises some 90 local offices covering more than 180 Swedish municipalities. The basic idea is to offer free-of-charge advice to individuals seeking to start their own companies, with the goal of creating more dynamic companies in Sweden. Advisory services are provided through local networks coupled to the respective offices and are financed by financial contributions from local businesses. Nyföretagarcentrum helps some 5,000–10,000 new companies start up every year. These companies have proven to have a uniquely low incidence of bankruptcy compared with companies that do not seek assistance from Nyföretagarcentrum during their start-up.

Read more at nyforetagarcentrum.com (In Swedish)

Start-up Stockholm

Start-up Stockholm is Sweden's largest advisory centre for free-of-charge business and innovation advice for companies in the start-up and early growth phases. It offers a wide array of seminars, and small business owners can participate in programmes with special focus on start-up and growth. Start-up Stockholm is operated as a non-profit foundation, has worked with new business advice since 1987, and all of its activities are free of charge. Activities are conducted together with some 40 public and private sector partners. Every year some 4,000 people turn to Start-up Stockholm for advice. Of these, 2,600 start companies, and after five years, 1,400 of these companies are still doing well.

Read more at startupstockholm.se (In Swedish)

Uppstart Malmö

Uppstart Malmö ("Start-up Malmö") was established in 2006 and is operated as a non-profit foundation. The basic idea is that jobs strengthen optimism in the future and reduce segregation, and the foundation therefore strives to put more people to work. By helping small businesses achieve sustainable, profitable growth so that they can employ more people, the idea is to give people who are normally far outside the labour market a chance to work. Activities are conducted by the foundation's own staff together with a number of business developers. In addition, the foundation has approximately 15 investors with high credentials tied to it. To date the foundation has helped some 1,000 people in the Malmö region obtain new work.

Read more at uppstartmalmo.se (In Swedish)


SUP46 (Start-up People of Sweden) is a place where digital start-up entrepreneurs can sit together at a central location in Stockholm. Here they can collaborate, inspire each other, network and contribute to each other's global success. It is also a place where investors can visit and hear about new ideas.

SUP46 opened in 2013, and today more than 50 start-ups are gathered in the 2,000 sq.m. office space. It is also a meeting place for venture capital firms and private investors. Activities are financed by member fees that the entrepreneurs pay themselves, contributions from partners, and rental of conference facilities. In addition to work stations, the premises include a kitchen and dining area, coffee, wi-fi, printers, scanners, conference rooms and an event space in which some 250 start-up and tech-related events are held every year.


G-Lab21 is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating conditions for tech start-ups to do business and prosper in the Gothenburg area. It does this by offering centrally located office space, networking opportunities, exciting events and contacts with venture capital firms. G-Lab21 was started in 2015, and today some 20 different tech companies – including gaming and game development companies – work from its offices.

The requirements on the companies are that their business model must be scalable (they must all have the potential to be major growth companies), and they must have already made some progress towards this goal.

Read more at glab21.com


Minc is a non-profit company owned by the City of Malmö. Its mission is to serve as a local platform for growing companies and individuals with a high level of expertise in various sectors. Minc seeks to encourage more people to believe in their ideas, become entrepreneurs, and build companies that can generate growth and solutions for the future. It aims to do this by creating opportunities to interface across disciplines, cultures, ages and ideas. Apart from an open space where entrepreneurs can sit and work together, Minc arranges various events and sponsors programmes in which the Malmö area's established companies, entrepreneurs and researchers can have an opportunity to meet and forge contacts for the future.

Read more at minc.se


BASE10 is co-working centre covering 1,000 sq.m. in the heart of Uppsala where some 100-200 tech talents and IT start-ups can sit together, network, share inspiration, participate in events and run their companies. Uppsala Municipality is one of several partners behind BASE10, whose goal is to get local talents in the tech sector to start new companies and remain in the Uppsala area, and help already existing companies stay abreast of the rapid development in the IT sector.

Read more at facebook.com/base10uppsala

Founder Institute

The Founder Institute is a global, for-profit business accelerator that focuses on individuals who have at least six years of experience and a business concept, but have not yet made the leap to become a full-out entrepreneur. The goal is to spur more people to be tech entrepreneurs through a development programme and cadre of mentors who are CEOs themselves and have founded their own companies. The Founder Institute is based in Silicon Valley, has operations in more than 130 cities in some 60 countries, and to date has helped entrepreneurs launch more than 2,000 companies.

Over the course of the 14 week programme, participants have 14 meetings with mentors with the goal of launching their start-ups. The participants agree to give up a 4% equity stake in their companies. Thirty per cent of this share goes to the mentors, 30% to the other participants, and the rest to the Founder Institute.

Inkludera Invest

Inkludera Invest is a non-profit association that is run with the support of private equity. The goal is to help as many people as possible participate and contribute to Swedish society. The association aims to give individuals in categories
who are at risk of exclusion the motivation, strength and tools to overcome exclusion themselves.

To achieve this, the association provides support to entrepreneurs who have developed solutions to social problems and exclusion. This support is provided not in money, but in time and expertise. The social entrepreneurs receive assistance from individuals with a long record of experience in business, with the goal to gain wider exposure for their solutions.


YEoS (Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden) is an organisation run by its members for the purpose of supporting and building networks between talented young entrepreneurs in an effort to give them greater impact and help them actively contribute to a better world. Through events, gatherings and online meetings in which business is often mixed with pleasure, YEoS creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to inspire, learn and help each other. YEoS also provides its members opportunities to get in contact with mentors and investors. The organisation focuses on the actual entrepreneurs rather than the industries they are active in.

Read more at yeos.se (In Swedish)


Connect is a non-profit organisation that matches entrepreneurs and growth companies with expertise and capital from the business sector as a means of shortening entrepreneurs' paths to concrete and enduring results. Through Connect, growth companies gain unique opportunities to test and present their ideas on the market, receive valuable advice, and forge contacts that also open opportunities to acquire venture capital.

Activities are based on voluntary efforts from people in the business community, universities and other organisations who lend expertise, experience and valuable contacts in hopes that these efforts will lead to success for more companies. The model comes from the University of California at San Diego and is today used around the world, entailing that the organisation can also offer an international contact interface. In Sweden, Connect has been active since 1999, and the organisation today has regional offices with activities across large parts of the country.

Read more at connectsverige.se (In Swedish)

Guldklubban ("The Golden Gavel")

The Golden Gavel is an annual award for outstanding performance in the role of chair of a company board established by Deloitte and the Swedish Academy of Directors in 2005. Nominations are submitted through a national nomination process. The Golden Gavel is awarded in two categories – one for stock exchange listed companies and one for private companies – to a company chair who sets a good example for how the role of chair of a company should be exercised in practice. In this way the award highlights and increases awareness of the crucial role that the chair of a company plays.

Read more at guldklubban.se (In Swedish)

IFS/Årets Nybyggare

Today approximately 9,000 new entrepreneurs take the step to start their own company every year, despite tough conditions and a lack of contacts. Sweden has some 70,000 new entrepreneurs who contribute to the country's prosperity. IFS (the International Entrepreneur Association in Sweden) works to create conditions for these new entrepreneurs to grow and become thriving companies for Sweden's future. One step in this direction is the Årets Nybyggare ("New Entrepreneur of the Year") award, for which His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav is the patron. The award is presented every year and is a way to create role models and highlight good examples of individuals in Sweden with an immigrant background.

Read more at aretsnybyggare.se (In Swedish)