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  1. Invitation – SEB’s first quarter 2014 results


    SEB’s result for the first quarter 2014 will be announced on Friday, 25 April, at 07:00 (Swedish time). In addition, presentations and the Fact Book will be available on

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    Central Bank Insights: #Riksbank Minutes from a micro perspective
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    RT @NorgesBank: Lower margins on lending to enterprises. See Norges Bank's Survey of Bank Lending 2014 Q1,
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    RT @SEK_bonds: Clear that most riksbank memebers are willing to cut rates if necessary => 0.75% by no means a "floor" for rates
  5. About the Heartbleed bug


    SEB’s experts have made checks that show the bank’s systems and services are not affected by the Heartbleed bug.

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    Central Bank Insights: #Riksbank minutes - Dovish as expected
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    Faktum är att svensk reporänta idag skulle ha varit 0.50% (ist f 0.75%) om Riksbanken hade haft räntemötet 48 timmar senare (jmf 8 april).
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    Emerging Alert: New in-depth report on Turkey
  9. Invitation - SEB's first quarter 2014 results

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    RT @BergqvistRobert: Företagsmöten nu i Göteborg under dagen fortsätter bekräfta försiktig optimism men med trög orderfart såväl globalt, n…
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