Samir Brikho

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Position: Director

Director since 2013
Born 1958

Other assignments
CEO: AMEC plc. UK.
Chairman: Step Change Charity and World Economic Forum Disaster Resource partnership.
Co-Chairman: the UK-UAE Business Council and of the UK-ROK CEO Forum.
Director: the UK-Japan 21st Century Group.
Member of the Advisory Boards: Stena AB, LIFE Lebanon and School of Oriental & African Studies
Founding member: Palestine International Business Forum.
UK Business Ambassador since 2010.

Background: Broad international experience from management and leadership, especially within the industrial sector. Leading positions within the international business of ABB, among others as CEO and Division Head of significant subsidiaries. Member of the GEC of ABB Ltd., Switzerland.

Education: M.Sc. (Engineering, Thermal Technology)

Independence: Independent in relation to the bank and the bank´s management, independent in relation to major shareholders.

Own and closely related persons’ shareholding in SEB: 0