Our customers

Rewarding relationships are the cornerstones of our business. Ever since A O Wallenberg founded SEB in 1856, we have provided financial services to assist our customers in reaching their financial objectives.

3,000 large corporations and institutions

Our corporate customers in the Nordic region are among the largest in their respective industries. In Germany they range from large mid-corporates to large multinationals. Our institutional clients operate both in the Nordic countries and internationally.

400,000 SME customers

In all, we serve approximately 400,000 small and medium-sized companies in Sweden and the Baltic countries. Of these some 246,000 are home bank customers.

4,000,000 private customers

We have approximately 4 million private individual customers in Sweden and the Baltic countries. Of these some 1.3 million are home bank customers. In addition, SEB has around 27,000 private banking customers in and outside Sweden.