Annual reporting

SEB reports annual progress on a number of initiatives and commitments. Our ambition is to keep an open and transparent dialogue with all our stakeholders. We consider our annual Corporate Sustainability Report the most important source of in-depth information for our stakeholders.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Reports 2013

Sustainability report 2013 (incl. GRI)

CS Fact Book 2013

SEB Equator Principles reporting 2013

UN Global Compact Communication on Progress 2013

Reports 2012

Sustainability report 2012 (incl GRI)

CS Fact Book 2012

UN Global Compact Communication on progress 2012

SEB Equator Principles reporting 2012.pdf

Reports 2011

Sustainability report 2011

CS Fact book 2011

GRI Content index 2011

SEB Equator Principles reporting 2011

Reports 2010

Sustainability report 2010

GRI Content index 2010

Global compact communication on progress 2010

Reports 2009

Sustainability report 2009

GRI compliance table 2009

Global compact communication on progress 2009

Reports 2007-2008

Sustainability report 2008

Sustainability report 2007